You see that right there?! That’s the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat ADR. How do I know? Just trust me, I know.

Not sure how this went unnoticed by the automotive media save for Car & Driver, who are not exactly known for having their finger on the pulse of pop culture, but it’s not important who breaks this story, only who confirms it, and I’m confirming it.

Quite the wide hood scoop, qotta feed air to that blower!

Again, my sources are really great sources, maybe even the best sources in the history of sources. When I tell you who they are, you’re gonna love ‘em! I can’t do that just yet, but trust me I will, soon, like really soon. Promise.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of these shots of what is most definitely the upcoming Dodge Hellcat ADR as featured in the trailer for Fate of the Furious. Do you like the black hood, roof and trunk? I’m on board with it. Especially if it’s all matte black.


If there’s not a really corny lane departure warning joke in this sequence, they’ll have missed a HUGE opportunity.
Nice view down the side and look at the very factory bodywork.


Dat panel gap doh!
Get used to this view, these things will be passing you left & right in the near future! Probably more right than left though.


Haven’t watched the trailer yet for some stupid reason? Here ya go!

Spoiler Alert: Toretto is evil Xander Cage.

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