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Monday Minute: Steal Away In A CTS V Sport

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of one minute (roughly) videos featuring a whatever vehicles I can get my hands on and a song that I think relates to the vibe of the vehicle.


My love of cars and love of music have always been intertwined because I grew up 20 minutes from my high school and every day was an opportunity to listen to music during my commute. I was almost always alone on that commute, just me, the music and my thoughts cruising through the Mettawee valley. At the time I took it for granted but looking back I realize how lucky I was to have that kind of time at an early age. It's how I discovered the majority of the music I still listen to today and it's how I came to realize how these things I love are tied together.

The CTS V Sport evokes so many emotions when you're driving it that it was tough to choose a song for this video. At times it's Sinatra or Tupac but it can also be Metallica. Ultimately I chose "Steal Away" by Jimmy Hughes because it just felt right. When I had the V Sport I drove it a lot, for no reason other than it was just such a pleasant place to hang out. That's how I feel when I hear this song, like I'm just hanging out, no place I have to be, nothing I'd rather be doing. It's just me and the moment.


If you can have that kind of escape in a vehicle, then you know that you're driving something special. Amidst all the insanity that is driving in Los Angeles that's exactly what "Steal Away" did for me and I hope will do for you, especially if you should find yourself ready to explode because that asshat in the Altima just cut you off.


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