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I've Got A Dodge Charger Hellcat For A Week...

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I’m a bit of an odd position here, in that everything that can be said about this car has apparently already been said. Truly, I’m not sure what angle I’m going to take on this thing, so as not to simply regurgitate the words of my peers at the end of the week.


Every bit of hyperbole in the book has been used, pot shots have been taken, praise has been heaped upon it, and I’m sitting over here giving exactly zero fucks about any of that.

You know why? Because this car is pure unadulterated fun. Somebody else has surely said that, maybe even someone who writes for Jalopnik, but I don’t care, because it’s 100% true.


I took it out last night, even drove that Andrew guy who loves trucks around in it, and he agreed, it’s just fun, plain and simple. He used the phrase “immensely powerful” after the first time I stomped on the gas...we were in boring old default mode.

He made the observation that it is much quieter than he thought it would be, and absolutely agree. Unless you gear down, or are applying more than, let’s say 40% throttle, the cabin remains quite peaceful.


However, opening the windows in one of LA’s famous downtown tunnels, and mashing the gas treated both of us to a auditory experience unlike anything else. The snarl at the top end of the rev range is every bit as fierce as a car with a name like Hellcat should be, and then some. I didn’t remember to bring my audio equipment as it was an impromptu drive, but don’t worry, I’ll be going back many, many times in the next week.

But enough about last night. What, dear Opponauts, do you want to know about the Hellcat that you don’t know already? What little oddities are you wondering about that the major outlets, and “true professionals” have over looked? I’ll do my best to work you questions into my rigorous testing process, and then answer them in my story.


I can tell you this much after less than 24 hours of having it, I get it.


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