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A Ride Around Willow Springs In The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Is A Sublime Experience

First off, let me apologize for the wind noise, it was hot as hell, and my man in the drivers seat wanted to roll with the A/C off, so he put the windows down. You can still hear him talking about the insane downforce, how Willow is a 3rd/4th gear track, and you can hear me just kind of laughing about how insane the ACR is.


I have a whole lot more video footage that I’ll be rolling out over the next week or so, including some with me at the wheel of the ACR (!!!!!!), but for now, enjoy this hot lap clip. Notice how relaxed my driver is as he takes turns 8, and 9 at 120 mph, or comments on getting through the cone chicane at 87 mph. Just another day at the office for an SRT development team member, one that ended with me asking him a question I’m sure he’s heard a million times...

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