10 Best Cadillac DeVilles You Can Buy Right Now

The big news in the automotive world this morning is that Cadillac will once again build a land yacht starting in 2015. I for one am very excited about this because while I don't think the XTS is a bad car, it doesn't hold up when pitted against the A8/S-Class/7-Series. » 9/19/14 1:07pm Yesterday 1:07pm

I Won The 24 Minutes Du Santa Anita & Set A Track Record!

That's right ya'll, not only did I win the most prestigious event in parking lot motorsports, I set a new track record while doing so! 31.67 seconds, that's all I needed to hustle the 2015 BMW 228i around the ultra challenging auto X course at Santa Anita Park. I'd like to thank Dunkin Donuts for fueling me up proper… » 9/19/14 11:35am Yesterday 11:35am

How Would You Spec Your Camaro ZL1?

As some of you already know, the folks at GM are dropping off a 580hp monster with a manual at my doorstep a week from Thursday. It's well optioned too, as you can see on the monroney.http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/get-out-of-tow... » 9/15/14 1:15pm Monday 1:15pm

10 Best Subaru Legacy spec. Bs You Can Buy Right Now

Available from 2006-2009, the Subaru Legacy 2.5GT spec.B flew in rare air right from the start. Only 500 of the super sleeper were brought to the U.S. in it's first year, 432 in 2007 and so few between 2008-2009 that the internet doesn't even know how many! » 9/08/14 10:00am 9/08/14 10:00am

I've Submitted To The Jalopnik Film Festival, Have You?

After many, many hours cutting and re-cutting I'm happy to say that I've submitted two pieces for the 2nd Annual Jalopnik Film Festival. I wish I'd had more time to continue refining the work because as both director and editor, I feel there's always something that can be done better. Eventually you just have to step… » 9/05/14 12:05pm 9/05/14 12:05pm

10 Best V10 Touaregs You Can Buy Right Now

I know what you're thinking, I'm just writing clickbait pieces because my Phaeton post got more hits than a bong on Wiz Kahlifa's tour bus. You're wrong though, Wiz doesn't mess around with the glass, he's strictly a white papers guy or so he says. Now that you've come back from Googling what a "Wiz Kahlifa" is,… » 9/03/14 5:20pm 9/03/14 5:20pm

Don't Touch My Dart feat. Craig Robinson & Jake Johnson

You probably know Craig Robinson from The Office or one of the million other projects he's done in the past couple of years. He's damn funny and I'm glad to see him popping up all over the place. Jake Johnson(not to be confused with that guitar wielding turd Jack Johnson) you may be familiar with from New Girl or if… » 8/29/14 12:49pm 8/29/14 12:49pm

10 Best VW Phaetons You Can Buy Right Now

I've made my list, checked it more times than I'd care to admit and now I'm ready to share. When I was in the market for a vehicle earlier this year I very nearly pulled the trigger on one of these fine examples you'll find below. It was to the point where I was ready to call up my grandparents in northern Louisiana… » 8/28/14 8:03pm 8/28/14 8:03pm

Ode To The Avant: '95 2.8 Quattro

Just look at that thing. Sitting out there in the driveway all non chalant, waiting to take the family into town for errands. Maybe it's not errand time though, maybe it's just you and the dog going up to the cabin for a coupe nights. Or maybe it's just you, an I-pod and a tape adapter going for an evening cruise. Any… » 8/27/14 9:38pm 8/27/14 9:38pm