Best Day Ever? Porsche World Road Show Los Angeles

Though I'm sure some of my friends would disagree, I don't consider myself a braggart but rather someone who relishes the chance to share stories of amazing experiences. As I've fallen deeper into the black hole of automotive journalism, I've found myself relating more and more tales of intrigue that are often met… » 10/30/14 8:00pm Thursday 8:00pm

ACCD Car Classic 2014 Photo Dump

When my friend Nate & I arrived at the Art Center College of Design just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of Jay Leno interviewing Chip Foose from the bed of GM's insane "Futureliner". This was the perfect way to start our afternoon, listening to two guys who are about as passionate about car culture as one can… » 10/28/14 1:30pm Tuesday 1:30pm

You Guys, Mid Engined Vette Is Happening, For Real Doh!

Road & Track has confirmed that Mark Reuss has confirmed that GM has confirmed that a guy somewhere on the planet earth is working on the next gen Vette. It will not be evolutionary, it will be revolutionary. I hope it comes out looking close to these renders because I'll finally have an American super car poster to… » 10/05/14 10:38pm 10/05/14 10:38pm

The Sunday Rundown: 5 Things To Enrich & Entertain

Gear Patrol has a handy guide outlining the proper glassware for properly quaffing the nectar of the gods. If you're still puggin your suds straight out of the bottle or can then my friend, it's time to git yerself and education. » 10/05/14 10:20pm 10/05/14 10:20pm

Got My Friend A GLA Yesterday, It's Great

Full article about the buying process coming soon. I will say this, out of all the dealerships I've dealt with, this one was the best. Also, this funky little machine is going to be so much fun to have around. My friend is already planning to take it out to the desert and given that I helped her acquire it, I'll get… » 10/04/14 9:40pm 10/04/14 9:40pm

Snapchat Murders Facebook: We're So Screwed

I'm not the biggest fan of Casey Neistat but I gotta admit, he nailed it with this video. Personally I think Snapchat is way overvalued and it's not that useful of a platform. This is probably because I'm an old man of 28 and just don't "get it" like all the teenage girls in this video. » 10/03/14 1:15pm 10/03/14 1:15pm

What Are The Biggest Auto Show Flops Of The Past Decade?

What you see above is a hit grand slam, bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, walkoff. When Volvo dropped the gorgeous XC-90 in our laps earlier this year I thought it couldn't get any better. Little did I know the Swedes had an ace in the hole in the form the of XC-90 R-Design with matte blue paint that they just dropped… » 10/02/14 8:35pm 10/02/14 8:35pm

The Five Best Driving Shoes You Can Buy Right Now!

If you think about it, shoes are a lot like steering wheels. They are what connects us to our cars and how we get the necessary feedback to be a good driver. By that logic, we as enthusiasts should be spending out extra dough on nicer steering wheels and top tier footwear. » 9/30/14 2:10pm 9/30/14 2:10pm