A Day At Willow Springs With The Cadillac ATS V Is A Day Well Spent.

In two days, those of us living in the United States will celebrate the independence of our nation and if I could have one car to drive on the most patriotic day of the year, it would be a Hellcat. As for the other 364 days of the year, I’d want to be behind the wheel of a 2016 Cadillac ATS V. » 7/02/15 12:35pm Thursday 12:35pm

I've Got A Subaru Impreza SEDAN For A Week, What Do You Want To Know?

I’m back east for a week visiting family and while I’m here I have the pleasure of touring around my old stomping grounds in a fully loaded 2015 Subaru Impreza 2.0i sedan. Like many other Vermonters, I practically grew up in Subarus and I have a deep attachment to the brand. Watching them rise from the official car of… » 6/29/15 1:23pm Monday 1:23pm

What's Your Most Embarrassing Automotive Story?

We’ve all had that moment when we realize that our mouth hath runneth over or we’ve put ourselves(and possibly others) in a less than ideal situation. People do a whole lot a stupid shit while behind the wheel of a car but that’s not what I’m interested in hearing about, at least not today. What I want to know is what… » 6/13/15 12:00pm 6/13/15 12:00pm

Dear Civic Driver, You Suck.

I can’t put up the video right now due to being in the middle of my work day but I’ll have it up soon so ya’ll can fully understand just how bad this driver was. What you can clearly see is a Civic well over the double yellow into my lane and my hands angling the Camaro away from him. What you can’t see because of the… » 6/08/15 6:00pm 6/08/15 6:00pm

Variety Is The Spice Of Life At Super Car Sunday

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures at Super Car Sunday this morning, I headed there to meet up with some friends to go for a drive. When I arrived it was clear that something was going on because the parking lot was a damned madhouse. I was quickly informed that it was the marquee day for McLaren, something I had… » 6/07/15 5:00pm 6/07/15 5:00pm

Saturday Survivor: 1997 Subaru Outback 

For the love of god somebody buy this thing. $9,450 for a 1997 Outback with 40k mi on it, that is the deal of deals. This thing looks like it was just dropped off by Paul Hogan himself. The white letter Michelins, the blue tweed seats, the rally inspired fog lights, this is the total package! The only downside is that… » 6/06/15 11:00am 6/06/15 11:00am

Oppo First Drive: 2016 Nissan Maxima SR

As I’ve mentioned in the past I’m a huge fan of the 3rd gen Nissan Maxima, you know the boxy yet somehow ahead of it’s time one. This was the first Maxima to have a 4DSC(Four Door Sports Car) sticker slapped on it and in my opinion the only one worthy of wearing it. The 4th gen Maxima was OK but the bloat had begun… » 6/03/15 10:00am 6/03/15 10:00am

Car Spotting & People Watching At Bimmerfest 2015

I wasn’t supposed to go to be at Bimmerfest 2015. I was supposed to be on my way to the high desert for a 3 day camping trip with an Airstream in tow behind the Infiniti QX 80 I have for a week. However a series of unfortunate events led to my chrome rolling dreams being dashed (more on that soon) and I found myself… » 5/26/15 10:30am 5/26/15 10:30am

OK, Now I Think The GT-R Is Photogenic

It was a cool and foggy up on Angeles Crest Highway earlier this morning, perfect conditions for shooting photos of the GT-R. Most of the photos I see of the GT-R are always in urban setting with the car perfectly lit from every angle. My goal was to get out and see if it was at all inspiring to shoot in the wild, I’d… » 5/16/15 8:50pm 5/16/15 8:50pm

How Would You Spec Your 2016 F-Type?

Yesterday, my name sharing counterpart of Truck Yeah! fame wrote a great piece about the 2016 Jaguar F-Type and more specifically the addition of a manual transmission for the U.S. market. I literally got goosebumps as he described the perfect F-Type S scenario and extolled the virtues of being the kind of person who… » 5/14/15 12:00pm 5/14/15 12:00pm

The Rare & The Run Of The Mill at Super Car Sunday

This past week Super Car Sunday was rather mellow and after the Ferrari/Maserati marquee event the week before, that was just fine with me. Waking up early on a Sunday morning to go take pictures of a variety of cars sounds easy enough but when the parking lot is clogged with people and vehicles it gets real old, real… » 5/11/15 12:25pm 5/11/15 12:25pm

2015 Infiniti Q50 S: The Oppo Review

Pedigree, it's not just overpriced dog food, it's also what leads a lot of people to dealerships where they can find a vehicle with a 3 pointed star, roundel or four interlocked rings. It's also what gives some folks the idea that using a turn signal is beneath them or that decades of achievements in motorsport… » 4/09/15 2:10pm 4/09/15 2:10pm