The Infiniti G35 Sedan Was Damn Near Perfect

Did we know how good we had it in the mid ‘aughts? I know I didn’t, but I was only 20 years old when the face lifted G35 hit dealers, so I think I get a free pass. Those of you that were older, I have a simple question for you, why did you buy anything other than a G35 sedan? »10/01/15 4:04pm10/01/15 4:04pm

A Ride Around Willow Springs In The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Is A Sublime Experience

First off, let me apologize for the wind noise, it was hot as hell, and my man in the drivers seat wanted to roll with the A/C off, so he put the windows down. You can still hear him talking about the insane downforce, how Willow is a 3rd/4th gear track, and you can hear me just kind of laughing about how insane the… »9/30/15 11:00am9/30/15 11:00am

Dieselgate Means Discounts.

Forget that they blatantly lied to consumers. Put aside the notion that Volkswagen is an evil corporate entity. Look past all the alarmist articles jamming the information autobahn. There is a silver lining to dieselgate, but only for those folks who do not own a 2009-2015 VAG 2.0L TDI. »9/22/15 12:32pm9/22/15 12:32pm

Here Are Your Beautiful Japanese Classic Car Wallpapers

It seems that it was a big weekend for automotive enthusiasts nationwide, with car shows, races, and club gatherings popping up all over the country. I went down to Long Beach to check out the 11th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show for the first time in the 8 years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and I wasn’t disappointed.… »9/20/15 8:00pm9/20/15 8:00pm

Finding Happiness With Buick & Bar Refaeli

There is a certain degree of class that comes with understated styling, I think that’s why I have a soft spot for this car. Unlike the CTS and new Malibu, the LaCrosse is content with not having the edgiest design on the market. It’s actually quite impressive that Buick has managed to retain some semblance of the… »9/12/15 9:30am9/12/15 9:30am

Used Car Buying Tip: Don't Trust Your Own Eyes 

As some of you may remember, I’m still in the market for a vehicle. I sold my S4 Avant back in April and have been driving my girlfriend’s Mk VII Golf should my bicycle prove to be an inadequate mode of transportation. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had a few vehicles graciously loaned to me by various manufacturers during… »8/18/15 3:30pm8/18/15 3:30pm